Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India

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A picture of Swayambhoo Vinayaka at Kanipakam, Chittoor

The swayambhoo (self manifested) varasiddhi vinayaka swamy temple is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and 75 Kms from Tirupati. The temple is said to have a 1000 years of history to it. People have strong belief of the sanctity of the temple premises and it is said that if one speaks untruth or makes a false promise at this place, he/she would face dire consequences. In earlier days and even today, the statements delivered by the parties in dispute are considered to have more value than the courts verdict.

The legend goes that there were three brothers in a village named viharapuri (today’s kanipakam) all of them were either deaf, dumb or blind by birth. They had a piece of land that they cultivated for their living; the land also had a well that had an old irrigation system to fetch water. All of a sudden the water level dropped and the utility to fetch the water hit the bottom with a bang sound and the three tried to understand what was happening and by that time the water turned into red in color indicating blood and the brothers got drenched in that blood water in the process of finding who was hurt. After some time they realized that they were restored with vision, voice and hearing capabilities.

Later the villagers learned about this episode and paid a visit to the place to discover Sri Ganesha’s Idol and the bleeding was happening because of the utility been hit on the back of the head of the deity. Villagers tried to dig to bring the idol to the surface which went in futile as they never could trace the bottom of the idol; the villagers started their offerings by breaking coconuts at the venue, at a stage the coconut water spread through 1 ¼ of the acre which is also called as Kani in telugu language and the spreading is called as pakadam, thus the name Kanipakam.

The other interesting aspect of the idol is that the size of the idol keeps increasing year by year, a proof to this is a silver shell that was ornamented to the god, doesn’t fit in now and new shells have been procured over years. They are kept on display at the temple premises.

There is also a water body in front of the temple where most of the devotees take a holy dip before visiting the god. The water that runs beneath the idol is believed to have curative powers; devotees throng to take a sip and sprinkle some over their heads, Infact, the same water is given as Theertham (holy water) to the visiting devotees of the temple.

There are guest houses available that are constructed by the government running temple bodies for pilgrims who come over here. There are at times when 300 marriages took place on the same day over here.


There are plenty of buses that ply from Tirupati to this place.


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