Shivaganga, Tumkur District, Karnataka, India

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Shivaganga-Tumkur District

Shivaganga, Tumkur District

Located at 66 Kms from Bangalore, this hill at 1368 meters height is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The hill top offers a picturesque view of the villages around and on the way to the top one can see natural water reservoirs. Also the place cuts mythological gods of the Hindu religion.

The interesting part of this hill is that from a distance, different sides of the hill resemble to a Nandi the vehicle of lord shiva, Ganesha, A shiva linga and a Cobra Snake. It takes almost 1.5 hours by walk to reach the top of the steep granite hillock. There is no road way for vehicles but only option is walk way to this place. It’s for sure one would burn lot of calories while reaching this place.

On the way one can find a magnificent ornamented Nandi (Bull – Vehicle of Lord Shiva) statue, well carved out of a single piece of rock, seeing towards the visiting devotees. People offer their prayers to Nandi while they move upwards to the abode of the Shivalingam, located in the Cholas built architectural sanctum sanctorum.

On the sides of the pathway to Sri Gangadeshwaraswamy Temple are shrines that are dedicated to Lord Subramaneyshwara and Sri Honnadevi. Also little further up on the sideway leads to Patalaganga. Popular legend say that Goddess Parvati devi gave birth to this source of water. At this place there is also a stone carving of “Veera Bhadra” the son of Lord Shiva. Veera Bhadra is believed to be a very powerful god according to Hindu mythology, special attention and at with utmost sacredness he is worshipped by the devotees.

Local legends say that the Agastya came to this place when gods requested him to move down to south when the earth started to incline because of the crowd that gathered from the entire universe to watch the Shiva – Parvathi Kalyanam (Wedding ceremenoy) at up North in Himalayas. Agastya’s movement to south corrected the problem. Later sage Agastya performed great penance and pleased lord shiva to give him a manifestation in the form of Gangadeshwara and requested Lord Shiva that he marry Girija Devi ( Parvati Devi) at that place. From then onwards “Shiva – Girija” Kalyanam is performed on the occasion of Makara Sankranthri.

India a colorful destination where believes don’t die to become history, as faith in the supreme continues to live.

The temple has been renovated in the period of Kempe Gowda, a feudatory of the Vijayanagara Empire and today’s father of Bangalore.

This can be your weekend gateway if you are residing at Bangalore.


You can take a bus from Bangalore or Tumkur to reach this place. However it is advised to reach this place by your own transport.

Timings: 9.30 AM to 05.00 PM


Shivaratri is also a special occasion which normally falls in the month of February, where devotees arrive from different villages near by and also people flood from Bangalore to this place and it’s splendid to watch long human serpent’s walk their way to the hill top to give offerings and get the blessings of the residing deity.

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