Someshwara Swamy Temple, Kolanpak, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Someshwara Swamy Temple

Someshwara Swamy Temple, Kolanpak, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh

“Kolan or Koneru” means pond and “Paka” means Hut, this place once was full of ponds and huts thus the name “Kolanpak”. Kolanpak is around 70 Km from Hyderabad. This place is said to have one crore one shiva lingams all over, dating back to 06th century AD, constructed under the reign of Chalukya Dynasty. And added to it 21 Mata’s (Religious Institutions) that are constructed in the period of Kakatiya’s (11th and 12th century AD) of which most of them are in ruins.

The legend goes that Jagath Guru Renuka Charya evolved out of the swayambhu someshwara lingam to propagate “Veera Shaiva” religion. There is a thin crack on the head of the shiva lingam here to prove this fact of his evolution from the lingam.

After the propagation it is believed that Jagath Guru Renuka Charya has taken Samadhi over here. The Someshwara temple is attached to the Rambhapuri Peetam based out of Balehannur, Chikamangalore District of Karnataka. The other Pettams are located at Ujjain, Kedarnath, Srisailam and Kasi (Varnasi).

The residing god over here is Sri Someshwara Swamy along with his consorts Kundamamba and Chandikamba. There also idols of Mallikarjuana Swamy, Kalabhairava, Ganesha, Brahma and Navagrahas sculpted on the same rock in a line.

The Kotilingeshwara Swamy temple stands as an attraction with a main lingam engraved with 1000 more small lingams over it making all together 1001 lingams. It is believed that praying to it is equal to praying koti (one crore) lingams in one go. The establishment of this lingam is little special here as the Chalukya kings ordered to built a one crore one Shiva lingams in this village and the sculptors was nearing his age and decided that it may not be possible to construct the 1001 more lingams which were left out, and decided to make this one. It is also praise worthy for the geometric accuracy of this Kotilingam.

In olden days Sadhu’s used to consume “Bhang” an intoxicant; on the temple flooring there are pot holes that are resul out of grinding the leaves for making the intoxicant potion, confirming Sadhu’s regular stay at this place.


Kolanpak falls 06 KM inside from Aleru. Aleru is on the way to Warangal from Hyderabad.

There are plenty of buses to reach this place from Hyderabad and Secunderbad cities of Andhra Pradesh.

Get down at Aleru to catch a private vehicle to reach Kolanpak.


Renuka Jayanthi and Rathothsavam are carried out with great pomp at this place in Phalguna Masam Trayodashi. In English calendar it may fall near to Holi  i.e. in the month of March.

At the time of Sankranthri, Swami Kalayanam (marriage) is performed.

Nandi Puja is performed on the occasion of Ugadi, the new year of Telugu people.

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