Warangal Fort - Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Warangal Fort

Kakatiya's, Warangal Fort, Warangal

A vandalized kingdom to an extent that every stone sculpture with their broken limbs would speak volumes of the bitterness of mans envy. At the same time they stand testimony to the grandeur of the Kakatiya Kingdom. This place was praised for its wealth and geometric intricacies by Marco Polo during his visit to India in the medieval period.

Kakatiyas, ruled southern part of India and today’s Andhra Pradesh, predominantly Telangana Region in the 12th and 13th centuries, earlier to them, it was under the direct control of Chalukya kings. The fort mud wall runs around 7.5 Kms within the city of Warangal and a fortified wall of granite that runs around 4 Kms with 45 bastions. The Fort also has a moat along its wall that is one of the sound characters that makes it unconquerable.

Warangal Fort falls close to 150 KM’s from Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The fort isn’t there anymore but the remnants are placed in accordance to their earlier existence. There are four Keerti Torana’s made of granite, same in shape and design which are placed at distances, leaving room of open space in between. The Mandapam (a Hall) and other broken edifices are placed in this gap based on their earlier existence. It would give one a feeling of modern day’s amphitheatre.

With in the vicinity are Shiva & Balaji temples. A Gun Powder room places itself next to one of the Toranams. Before the entrance to this fort ruins is Sitab Khan’s hall and in front of the fort ruins, little further distance away is the “Ekashila Hill”, it is said that from here Rani Rudrama Devi did surveillance of the Fort at times. Rani Rudrama devi was daughter of Ganapati Deva and she ruled the Kingdom as a king for about 40 years before she died on a battle field fighting with the enemy.

The architecture excellence is so clear and with geometric accuracy and the science that was used to build that kind of mammoth structures while there were no cranes or forklifts will leave every visitor spellbound and put one into contemplation of the abilities the medieval artisans had. Also in the time of Kakatiya’s, great reservoirs were constructed like the Ramappa Lake which is approx 65Km wide and it caters water to 10,000 acres of land for cultivating paddy.

There are plenty of buses to reach this place from Hyderabad and Secunderbad cities of Andhra Pradesh. Also train facility is available to this place.


Warangal Fort:

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Eka Shila Park:

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